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Our customers are using TradingSolutions to accomplish some impressive trading results. We recently sat down with a few of them to learn about their trading experiences and have published these interviews on our site.

Trader uses TradingSolutions to achieve a 31% return in 6 months

Ernest Cuni is a full-time trader who works exclusively with the TradingSolutions End-of-Day software. Before becoming a full-time trader he was a Managing Consultant for a professional services and consulting company specializing in business processing outsourcing and software implementation projects. Mr. Cuni studied Management Science at M.I.T. where he obtained his Bachelors of Science degree. All of his trading knowledge and expertise was self-taught through research and the TradingSolutions software.

Mr. Cuni began using TradingSolutions in June '06. He actively traded the Solution Service and models from the Sample Performance section of while learning how to create his own profitable models in TradingSolutions. In March '07 he began trading his own models and has earned a 31% annualized return in the past 6 months alone!

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Trader's account has increased by over 90% in three months

Daniel Honorowski is a full-time trader whose personal trading account has increased by over 90% since April '06 (interviewed in July '06). Before becoming an independent full-time trader, Mr. Honorowski worked as a loan officer at Kennedy Mortgage for 3-years in Las Vegas, Nevada and is currently living in Savoie, France. Mr. Honorowski is completely self-taught. He does not have a college degree, learning his trading skills from hands-on experience and reading books such as Computerized Trading (Jurik) and Day Trading the Currency Market (Lein). He used TradingSolutions for six months prior to starting live trading and primarily trades FOREX using 2-hour bars.

For his model building process, Mr. Honorowski builds his FOREX models based on custom indicators he designed along with Jurik Indicators for TradingSolutions indicators such as Zero-Lag Velocity (VEL) and Jurik Moving Average (JMA). He also uses several built-in statistical indicators such as Standard Deviation, Linear Regression and Variance during his modeling process. Mr. Honorowski uses the default Time-Lagged Recurrent network topology for majority of his models as well as trying others, such as the regular Recurrent Network.

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Independent Trader Averages Returns of 80% to 120% per Month

Yuri Shramenko has been a full-time trader since 1989, after working as a software developer consultant. With no formal training other than reading books in the late 80s and early 90s, his trading style is a combination of Fibonacci systems and his own personal systems. One of the books he recommends for those wanting to gain a better perspective of market behavior is "The New Fibonacci Trader: Tools and Strategies for Trading Success" by Robert Fischer and Jens Fischer.

Mr. Shramenko started out using TradingSolutions End-Of-Day in early 2002 and upgraded to the Real-Time level when it was released. He uses TradingSolutions to swing-trade the QQQ single-stock futures contract, and day-trade the Dow-Mini and the S&P-Mini futures contracts. His performance numbers are nothing short of spectacular. He has had an average return of 80% to 120% per month for 2003. About 60% of his trades were winners, which may not sound overly impressive, until you realize that his average winner was 4 times larger than his average loser.

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Independent trader achieves 33% return and never risks more than 2% on a single trade

Ned Perry is a full-time swing trader and CEO of Roko Capital Management Inc., which specializes in trading equities on an end-of-day basis. He earned his Bachelors Degree is Political Science from Ohio State, a Graduate Degree in History from the University of Paris, and a Law Degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Prior to becoming a full-time trader he worked as an investment banker and a legal/compliance officer for 16-years with 3 investment banks while based in Asia.

Mr. Perry purchased TradingSolutions in April 04 testing out various modeling techniques and paper trading the models before beginning live trading in August 04. From August 10, 2004 to June 30, 2005 (the quarter just before this interview) he had a return of 33%. During this time 65% of his trades were profitable. Because he aims for a market-neutral portfolio he continually balances long and short positions and he never risks more than 2% of his account on a single trade. On average he has 30 to 40 tradable models, while having 10 to 20 positions open at any given time.

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