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TradingSolutions Level Summary
Import End-Of-Day Data:        
From ASCII or MetaStock files
Directly using the eSignal or ProphetFinance data services*        
Import Weekly or Monthly Data:        
From ASCII or MetaStock files
Directly using the eSignal data service*        
Import Historical Intraday Data:        
From ASCII or MetaStock files  
Directly using the eSignal data service*        
Stream Real-Time Data From the eSignal data service* to:        
Observe real-time trade information (Date/Time, Price, Volume)  
View live charts or spreadsheets at any periodicity of 1 minute or higher    
Obtain real-time trading signals from intraday models        
Neural Network Trading Systems Find patterns that are too complex for traditional rule-based systems
Optimal Signal Technology Train neural networks to learn what produced the most profitable historical trades
Powerful Genetic Optimization Optimize the parameters, inputs and outputs of neural network trading models
Over 250 Built-in Indicators These include moving averages, RSI, Stochastics, MACD, and many more
Custom Indicators Use the function editor to define your own indicators
Rule-based Trading Systems Several built-in systems or use simple wizard to specify your own entry/exit rules
Composite Trading Systems Create a combined system that uses the best features of individual systems
Batch Processing Perform operations on an entire group of securities at once
Flexibile Charting Tools Line, Bar, Signal, HLOC, Price Area, and Japanese Candlesticks
Customizable Spreadsheets Display any data in a familiar spreadsheet view
Extensive Backtesting Engine Test the performance of your systems using your own personalized trading style
Model Sharing Active online customer forum enables you to exchange models with others
Correlation Analysis Wizard Scan for promising inputs for your trading model
Alerts Automatic notification of a signal change or user-defined event  
5 Built-in Neural Architectures These include MLP, TLRN, Modular, Jordan/Elman and Recurrent
Custom Neural Architectures Design your own neural networks such as RBFs, SOMs, Neuro-Fuzzy nets, etc.    
Included Products & Services
Solution Service Portfolio of 10 Sample Models with Daily Data and Commentary
NeuroSolutions General-purpose neural network development tool    
NeuroSolutions for Excel Microsoft Excel interface to NeuroSolutions    
Custom Solution Wizard Convert Neural Networks into DLLs then use within TradingSolutions    
* Additional fees required for the data services. More information can be found on the Data Sources page.

TradingSolutions Home  |  Products  |  Downloads  |  Resources  |  Support  |  Order

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